About Accredible

Accredible is the new digital credential standard for the online learning age. Our customers are organizations that issue certificates or credentials to people for courses, awards, membership, training or any other achievement. Accredible lets them issue secure, digital credentials instead of paper-based ones.

We are the certification provider behind some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world including Rosetta Stone, Google, McGraw Hill, Kaplan, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Skillsoft, and many others.

Our vision is to host the world's credentials and in the process become the world's first truly verifiable repository of human capital. We are in an exciting growth phase and we are looking for talented and dedicated individuals to help us reach that next stage of development as we focus on building a professional, scalable, supportive and accepting team.

We welcome people of any gender identity or expression, race, skin color, ethnicity, age, size, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, neurotype, religion, elder status, family structure, culture, subculture, political views, education level, identity, and self-identification. We welcome teachers, learners, activists, artists, dreamers, doers, ordinary people, extraordinary people, and everyone in between. We stand for equal opportunity, and we ensure equal pay.

About The Role:

To create a new consumer facing product that removes risk from education and career pathways by giving people the data they need to make informed decisions about what to learn, when, and how - in order to meet their life goals, or who to hire with confidence.

This team operates independently from our ACMS (Core), Insights and Integrations teams, without using existing projects. We expect the team in the first year of operation to:

  1. Build a greenfield consumer facing product.
  2. Iterate many times to validate and de-validate our hypotheses on proposed solutions to the education and career pathways problem.
  3. Successfully offer value to consumers, demonstrated by taking part in educational opportunities.
  4. Gather consumer momentum, providing value to hundreds of thousands of consumers, brought to the product via our existing customers & partners.

1-Year Outcomes

  1. Product features are researched, designed, built, and iterated upon using a repeatable process. Manage the project consistently, effectively, and with documentation. As such:
    1. Conduct market research such as exploratory research, competitive analysis, and user insights.
    2. Lead experiments, ideation sessions, and focus groups to assist with deciding which features are optimal.
    3. Define themes, epics, features, and user stories.
    4. Continuously evolve the Education and Careers Pathways roadmap.
    5. Act as the primary liaison between the Agile team and stakeholders.
    6. Act as the customer proxy for developer questions.
    7. Build and refine the product backlog, and prioritize based upon likelihood of successful cost benefit, user/business value, time criticality, risk assessment, opportunity enablement, cost of delay, size, and other defined factors. This will also include taking the following into account when grooming the backlog.
    8. As part of the Definition of Done, accept user stories.
    9. Own and radiate team-related metrics and reporting throughout the SDLC.
  2. Deliver new features and improve upon existing features on schedule to meet Accredible's growth goals.
    1. Work with your dedicated Business Partner and Developers as needed to produce specifications for features to be modified or produced to customer satisfaction.
    2. Consult with Developers to determine build costs and component reusability for features.
    3. Balance speed to market and (product) maturity resulting in shipping quickly.
    4. Position the technology investments to better collect data and work with data at scale, with providing user value.
    5. As part of the SDLC process, perform customer discovery prior to building a feature.
  3. Ensure all supported features are used by customers.
    1. Make ongoing updates to features which prove to be successful.
    2. Analyze data and create product scorecards to portray the overall health of the product; this may include, but is not limited to, business achievements, financial performance, strategic value, and future business potential.
  4. Retire Underperforming Features.
    1. Maintain an inventory of active features. You know the current usage of each feature, you know and can communicate the relative value of each feature in terms of lead generation, and ARR of active customers.
    2. Complete analysis in an attempt to define root cause analysis of underperforming features.
    3. Remove untenable features and document as failed prototypes.


Role based:

  • Prioritization. You can choose which things are important from the many that you are exposed to.
  • Fundamental Problem Focus. You are able to ask the right questions to best understand the root cause of an issue and provide the best solution to it.
  • Consumer Product Experience. You have worked on products that were consumer facing and where you were able to use the scale of usage to experiment and iterate.
  • Communication. You are able to clearly and succinctly communicate ideas and problems to teammates. You are able to build consensus in many cases and provide convincing evidence and reasoning in other cases.
  • Customer Understanding & Research. You are able to speak to customers and understand their needs, abilities and priorities. You recognize the customer archetypes and which insights you need to receive to understand broader customer needs. You understand the difference in gathering data from a number of similar customers versus a number of varied customers.
  • Comfortable with Data Visualization and Conceptualization. You are able to specify detailed requirements for data visualization which match best practices. You understand that the choices you make in data display, capture and visualization greatly affect the communication of that data.
  • Systems Thinking & Systems Management. You understand the importance of working on a system, measuring effectiveness, and iterating to create a better set of processes.
  • Empathy. You are able to put yourself into the shoes of a new, non technical user and understand what things they may find challenging.
  • Learn Quickly. You have the ability to quickly absorb and make use of new information.


  • Honesty & Integrity. You do what is right, don’t cut corners that aren’t ethical, and are open about your work.
  • Openness to Criticism & Ideas. You know that we have to constantly improve and aren't shy about seeking and receiving suggestions for areas of improvement.
  • Learning & Development Focused. You actively learn and develop yourself and take pride in developing new skills.
  • Proactive. You are able to take initiative, responsibility, and solve issues yourself.

    About The Compensation & Benefits:.

    • Pre-IPO stock options
    • Flexible hours Monday through Friday.
    • Remote work (but must align with the U.S. timezines); calling all digital nomads!
    • A close, dedicated startup team who are passionate about improving the education system and who are backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital investors.
    • 2 hours per week (paid) to spend learning anything you like, even if it is not related to your role, plus a budget to spend on learning materials (courses, books, conferences). We love education and we believe in nurturing your growth!
    • A promise to invest in your growth personally and professionally. Wherever you would like to go, and whatever you would like to do, we will be there to support you.
    • 35 days paid vacation time.
    • Maternity/paternity/adoption leave.
    • 4-weeks compassion/bereavement leave.
    • Annual employee retreat to cool places like Wales!
    • Fast promotion opportunities. We have a track record for internal promotion to senior roles within the first year of employment.
    • Many additional perks!