About Us:

Accredible’s solutions enable world-class educational institutions, corporate development and certification programs, professional associations, and learning management platforms to issue digital, verifiable credentials, awards, badges, and certificates. Through the sharing of credentials on social media platforms, inclusion in on-line professional directories, and customized data on educational and career paths, recipients of digital credentials powered by Accredible are provided control over their learning and professional outcomes. Our customers include Google, Harvard, MIT, Oxford University, McGraw Hill, Slack, iHop, GMAC, the CFP Board and 1500+ others, on behalf of whom we have issued over 31 million credentials to over 15 million recipients all over the world. Additionally, we have a growth rate of over 1.5 million new credentials issued per month. After first hitting profitability and then raising our Series A, the company has grown from a team of fifteen to a team of 100 plus; we are looking for exceptional people to join us along our path to becoming the world’s primary source of verified credentials and data to drive educational and career journeys. We are looking for exceptional people who will help us expand our extraordinary culture with career experiences represented by our 5-star Glassdoor rating!

Open and Inclusive. We welcome people of any gender identity or expression, race, skin color, ethnicity, age, size, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, neurotype, religion, elder status, family structure, culture, subculture, political views, education level, identity, and self-identification. We welcome teachers, learners, activists, artists, dreamers, doers, ordinary people, extraordinary people, and everyone in between.

About The Role:

In support of Accredile’s ARR ambitions, we are looking for a Vice President of Customer Success to join us and be responsible for efficiently architecting the Customer Success and Customer Support organizations and solutions. This includes finding the right balance of services and support offered to our various customer segments, maturing our existing processes, and ultimately ensuring we have a best in class customer success strategy.

Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Defining and optimizing the customer lifecycle.
  • Managing Customer Success activities across the global team such as:
    • Onboarding
    • Succession planning
    • Adoption activities (training, implementation, launch)
    • Health monitoring
    • Customer retention
    • Up-selling & cross-selling (managing revenue expansion and renewals)
    • QBRs
  • Managing Customer Support activities across the global team such as:
    • Providing product and service information
    • Resolving product and service issues
    • Keeping records of customer interactions, comments, and complaints
  • Measuring the effectiveness of managed teams.
  • Establishing a new revenue-generating consultancy arm in the form of Professional Services. Not only will this include implementing Accredible’s solutions but implementing targeted digital credentialing strategies also.
  • Establishing and training your team on customer success advocate strategy.
  • Creating and continuously improving a Voice of The Customer (VOC) framework.

1-Year Outcomes:

  • Achieve or exceed targeted revenue.
  • Maintain churn/contraction level below set levels.
  • Maintain or better the NDR.
  • Ensure TTV is under the set threshold.
  • Evolve and optimize our 2022 CSV2 strategy to align with strategic focuses.
  • Launch Professional Services as a revenue carrying department.
  • Launch customer training program


Role based:

  • Customer Success Experience. You have proven experience in managing and leading a Customer Success department for a series A (or above) company.
  • Strategist. You inform and execute strategy effectively to meet quota goals.
  • Commercial Acumen. You spot revenue opportunities and execute on strategy to maximize expansion ARR.
  • Coaching. You are excellent at coaching junior and senior team members in order to improve performance and also mentoring their career growth.
  • Conflict Resolution. You are able to step in as the most senior member of the CS team to resolve high value technical and non-technical customer issues.
  • Negotiation. You effectively negotiate high value agreements.
  • Management & Accountability. You keep a team of globally distributed people motivated, accountable, and help them refine their processes. You know when to push for improvement and when to push for problem resolution.
  • Leadership. You have an inspirational leadership style and a hands-on approach.
  • Perspective. You understand what particular customer segments need to be successful.


  • Proactive Communicator. You are self-driven and able to voluntarily, clearly, and succinctly communicate ideas and challenges to peers to customers. You maintain high standards of written and verbal communication.
  • Honesty & Integrity. You do what is right, do not cut corners, are ethical, and are open about your work.
  • Openness to Feedback. You understand that we have to constantly improve and are not shy about seeking and receiving suggestions for areas of improvement.
  • Enthusiastic. You demonstrate the ability to quickly absorb and make use of new information. You can research best practices and make use of them. You want to learn and grow and are excited to take on new challenges.
  • Quick Learner. You know that you need to actively learn and develop yourself and take pride in developing new skills.
  • Proactive Problem Solver. You are able to take initiative, responsibility, and solve issues yourself.

Who We Are:

Remote First. Accredible is truly a global team. From Cape Town to Vancouver, London to San Francisco, our employees live and work in the places that they thrive, wherever they thrive.

Growing Strong. We are growing and will continue to expand rapidly. We seek to increase momentum and build a professional, scalable, and efficient team whilst maintaining our friendly, inclusive, and collaborative culture.

We Love What We Do. Our co-founders’ passion for Accredible’s purpose has permeated throughout our organization...and it shows in our culture, our product, and our customer service.